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Story 2021-03-31 10:43:41

Our local village is receiving a lot of bad press at the moment which involves local youths and violence, sometimes as a community we struggle to see the good in our younger generation. I have a teenage Son myself who is far from perfect, having experienced ACE’s himself, had a close family member who was a victim of Disability Discrimnation, had been taken advantage of due to his vulnerability as well as being a victim of bullying, he sure knows exactly what it feels like to be on the receiving end, which in some ways is good as he is able to relate to his own experience of how the victim would feel.

I am a big believer that you should always look to catch someone doing it right more than looking to catch someone doing it wrong, I feel if you Identify, Celebrate and Praise in the right way this sends out a much more positive vibe and message, rather than focusing on the negative – here is a great example of an act of kindness in our Community:

A post was placed on our village social media hub where a young boy who suffered with Autism was being taunted and teased by several youths in the skate park area in our local village of Pencoed. Two young girls took it upon themselves to intervene and help this poor to boy, leading him to safety when they identified he was in distress, there were 2 young boys who were teasing and taunting this boy where they ended up throwing his bicycle helmet upon the roof of a high building which was out of reach for this boy to retrieve, the poor boy was left traumatised from the experience.

I asked my Son that evening if he had any idea of who these boys could be so they could be reported to police, after speaking with his friends we were able to identify who the individuals were.

My Son came up with the idea that evening and suggested why don’t we go and see if we can get the boys helmet down of the roof for him Dad, given it was dark by now my Son and his friend had arranged to meet the following morning to see if they were able to retrieve the boys helmet from the roof. If it was proving to be a challenge then I had planned to carry my roof ladders down to go and retrieve the boys helmet myself.

But, just by chance when the boys were down the skate park the following morning, the victim from the incident also turned up on his bike to try and attempt to retrieve his helmet himself. The boys rang me to tell me that they had managed to climb on the roof and retrieve the boys helmet, which they admit was a little dangerous at the time to do but it was worth it as when they handed it back to him he was full of smiles, placed his arms around the boys, thanking and hugging them both 😊.

Like I explained to my Son the night before, “What might feel and seem like harmless fun to those youths, evidently was a traumatic and upsetting experience for that poor boy”, so spread the word amongst your friends end explain you should all be looking out for these vulnerable children to protect them, and always remember your act of kindness good could be life changing for someone else.